Sponsorship Activation

Finding the right partners

City Sports Management has an eye for the synergy b­tween a brand or a product and an event or opportunity, to gain measurable benefit. Our aim is too successfully match a brand with a desired activation and meet the needs of the clients requirement.

Sponsorship is a very powerful tool in the sport­ing and corporate world, but it is imperative that is carried out in the right way and then delivered to the correct target audience. City Sports Management prides itself on solving sponsorship solutions for brands and companies to create long term and sustainable relationships for mutual gain.

Doom Bar London Beach Rugby - Covent Garden 2013

A case studied example is City Sports Management recognised the needs and wants for Doom Bar, Sharps Brewery and successfully formed the synergy and creation of the Doom Bar London Beach Rugby. 

Upcoming Events

London Beach Rugby 2015
31st July & 1st August
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