London Beach Rugby

Case Study - London Beach Rugby

London Beach Rugby is a company owned event which was launched in Covent Garden in 2013, with great effect and success. 10 corporate sides played on the Friday with 16 teams playing on the Saturday to fit out for the Corporate Cup and Club Cup respectively.

After the success of 2013 the event gathered real momentum due to its innovation and quality of service. It was pleasing to achieve an event of over double the size in 2014 at a new site in Canary Wharf which allowed greater space for the now 20 Corporate sides and 28 Club sides, with the inclusion of a new brand ‘London Nets’ which was a female indoor netball tournament. As well as more teams and an extra pitch, CSM also bought on new sponsors, partners, and suppliers.

2015 brings some exciting opportunities and the planning is well under way. The venue and new plans will be announced at the close of the year.

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Upcoming Events

London Beach Rugby 2015
31st July & 1st August
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